can some one hand me my coke sniffng finger nail? oh, nevermind its attached 4

well last night was fun. yesterday i got up at 9:30 am, and now it is 2pm and i still havnt gone to bed, fun. last night i drove to bellingham to hang out with nicole(the model). she cooked a fucking great dinner, b-q salmon, pasta and salad, fuck it was great. after that we went to a friend of hers house to a party, it was deezee (yes thats his name, short for darell) birthday, but he wasnt there most of the night. everyone but me was drunk, high or snorting coke. me being the good boy didnt do any of that, just watched and talked to everyone.

then around 3am we went to this rap studio house to hang out with some rappers. and when i walked in the door, i got the look of ‘what the fuck is a white boy doin here?’ but after i introduced myself they was tizight yo(dont tell them i said that, they will kill me)

but lrg and knucklhead(the rappers) where fuckin kool, and they had their rap hunnies there as well. nice studio. their DJ (T-Bone) is a cousin of my friend alex fabiano, small world, oh and the house i was partin at was another cousin of alex’s. their asian producer was fuckin kool as well, when we left there at 5:30am i was like one of the boys, shits yeah negro.

i decided not to sleep, cause sleep is for the week. i will sleep good tonight, though im not planning on sleeping till around 10pm, so that will be about 39 hours awake. and tomorrow i spend all day in seattle at a convention! fizun!

i want to go kick it with the rappers again and the DJ and the producer, they are fucking awsome. i think they liked me cause i wasnt a wigger, i knew my role and didnt impeach on their blackness, but i really think it was they saw the blackness at heart that i have, cause i am a nigga, just like dylan.


EDIT (4-13-2011): I wanted to add a note to this post that I found out later that my brother-in-law Mike Gordon is really close friends with Alex Fabiano and even though at the time of me writing the above I had known Mike for a few years I did not know this until some time later. Pointless edit to this post, but I just wanted to point that out.

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