Bumpershoot OMFJ!! 7

So my cousin Joel and I went to bumpershoot today. We mainly went to see the Donnas, The New York Dolls and Garbage. So we got their early, Joel entered some bullshit contest to have a chance to sit on stage during the mainstage performances(the donnas, new york dolls and garbage) and we walked around aimlessly for hours.

we ate some clam chowder, enjoy Anna Oxygen‘s acid trip in the EMP. It was the strangest thing I have ever witnessed. I loved it.

Then we went to the mainstage to scoop out a seat so we could be close.

While sitting on the grass Joels phone rang. It was this girl Yoko telling him that he had one the Bumbpershoot raffle and him and a friend get to sit ON STATE durring the Donnas, The New York Dolls and Garbage.

No shit. So thats how Joel and I spent out night, 10 feet from these three bands rockin’ out.

All three bands where fucking amazing. The Donnas rocked out with their formulated rock/pop. the New York Dolls totally rocked the hizzie, surprising the shit out of me that they could play still.

All in all, a kick ass day. Now if I would have only gotten laid on top of this.

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7 thoughts on “Bumpershoot OMFJ!!

  • sarahrc

    Hmm…JN. I don't understand your logic on how you are going to become a smoker and an alcoholic. Obviously you've been strong enough to never smoke (aside from when you drink) up until this point in your life…why not continue to be strong about in instead of just throwing in the towel way before the situation even arrives. Same thing with drinking…if you don't want to drink that often then don't. I don't understand why you are just putting yourself in the mind frame that you are already going to do it. Sure, you will have temptations, but I know that you are a strong enough person to pull through them. The only thing that is going to weaken you is your mind set. Instead of going into a situation thinking that you are going to drink more and become a smoker, go into it with the mind frame that you aren't going to do those things.

    • The Revenge Post author

      true, i have resisted up until now, but ive kept myself out of situations where it would be prominently in my face as well. it's also really hard for me to just turn alcohol down, especially if i know i dont have anything to do the next day. i keep myself from self indulgance because i have convinced myself that alcohol is to expensive, which it is, and the jew in me beleives this and wont buy it. but if im around it i am going to want to drink it, and if i know i can i will.