Broken Boy, Laptop and a 2nd job

I’m sitting at this fucking truck stop
It’s so cold I’m freezing my ass off
Because I’ve got no place to go
Writing letters of frustration
These words come without hesitation
I hope that I am making my point clear

That I’m sorry that you wasted my time
I’m so sorry that you wasted my time


So I think I am up to about $140 in my new laptop fund. Only $1,860 to go! I’m on my way nigga! As I said before my sister owes me 200 and my mom owes me like $120 which will go into this fund as well ass I have about $200 in CDs and DVDs I am going to sell to Warehouse (it’s all shit, don’t worry). That will bring me up to $760 or so once I do all that, which means I only need $1,240 which isn’t that bad since I think I am going to apply for a $1,000 computer loan at my bank. Once I have about $1,000 saved up I will go take a loan out for whatever the rest of the amount is that I need. Not sure what my odds are of actually getting the said loan, but we will see.

Which segues me into my next topic about needing a second job. Do you work at someplace that needs some extra help for the holidays? Would you like to have me as an exciting new co-worker to chat with? Well you can! All you have to do is tell me where to apply and possibly put in a good word for me with your boss and then we just let the good times roll baby! Kirsten says I should apply at Michaels, which isn’t a bad idea since I would get art supplies at discount prices. Though those discount prices would probably be to high even then, OH ZING!