Broken Ankles and a drug dealer

A lot to talk about tonight, so bear with me while I try and get through this please. So let us start with yesterday which was Friday. I come to work and I find out that one of our porters Justin was hit by a ball while getting a dead wood, and to top it off the guy threw the ball at him on purpose. Hit him at 16 miles per hour in the ankle. His ankle is all swollen up and I believe he has to miss work due to the fact he can’t walk very well. From what I know the guy was talked to by the front desk girl but left shortly after and was NOT escorted out by security and the cops where NOT called for it. Generally if someone throws a ball while an employee is down on the lane they usually get kicked out, but hitting an employee on purpose it’s a one year ban and the cops get called on an assault charge. Turns out Justin is going to press charges on the gentleman who hit him with the ball, so once this guy finds this out his whole week will be ruined.

After this lovely incident there was this guy who came in, acting what one would say is a little ‘weird’ talking in odd speak patterns as well as seemingly, and generally, looking like a drug dealer. Well, low and behold Pat, one of our cooks, found some of his stash when he went to get a drink and alerted security who in turn alerted the BPD (that’s Bremerton Police Department for hose of you who are a little slow). Now, said gentleman who shall remain nameless (his name was Derrick) asked me to call him a taxi, which I did because at that time I was completely unaware of the situation.

our security guards cornered him with a BPD officer to ask him about this at which point the lovely gentleman decided that this was a good time in which to run. Of course he was chased, he ran into our sliding doors, since they are not meant to be ran through, and was tackled and tazzed by the cops. Sadly I was not around to see this seeing as I had to stay at the desk and help the cizzleustomizzlers (that’s for Dizzleyn), but I am told by Jesse in surveillance that the tape is extremely funny and he wishes he could show it to me. Anyway, this man was arrested on possession with intent to sell since he had a large bag of white stuff on him.

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