Breaking The Ice

You know what? Why the hell not. “Why the hell not what?” you ask? Why the hell should I NOT tell you about some AMAZING comics that I have just found on the interwebs, or have been reading for that matter. It seems like a popular thing to do and you know me, I like to follow trends! (really I don’t, I’m anti-trend. Which explains my lack of friends)

So first up on my chopping block of awesome is Breaking The Ice by actor/comedian John Keating. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard the guys stand up, or heard of him for that matter. I thought his name was offly close to John Kovalik of Dork Tower.

I have to say he is very cordgial with his readers. I posted a comment on his newest (as of this posting) comic and the next morning I had an email from him (that he sent through the y2cl contact page) and a comment on my neorhino strip. This morning I have been exchanging emails with him, talking about his comic, my comic, the history, how he got LUCKY AND HAS A PRINTED COMIC version of his comic and how I am totally jelous about that.

Through all this hubub I still wanted to go back and read some of his comics to find out if I really liked the comic or just him and that one page. I read about his last 10 strips (don’t have time to read them all) and they where good enough for me to add BTI to my google reader. I also liked it enough that on my next round of link page updating I will be adding a link to BTI for all eternity (or until my site crashes)

Final word? I like BTI and you should too! Get your happy ass over there and read some great, GREAT comics with a lot of Catholic humor in the recent strips. And who doesn’t like Catholic humor? Besides the pope, he doesn’t like humor. Or life.

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