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I’m reading the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy right now and am on chapter 25.
This isn’t the first time I have read said book, but I find with this reading I am catching alot more of the subtly and greatness that is Douglas Adams.
When I first read the story it was through the old Text game with my dad and sister at about age 5, so I didnt get any of it then.
The second time was through the Radio program on a family strip. I was about 8. I thought it was insanely funny, but I missed alot of it or forgot alot of it.
Sometime around age 10 I watched the BBC mini series of it. Nuff said.
I read the first book in 8th grade and found it was the best version of the story there was, and laughed really hard alot while reading it in reading class. To which I would get yelled at for making noise.
I didn’t actualy read it again until I was 19. At that point I read all 5 books in a row. Spent alot of time chuckling to myself, and I also read the entire thing in my head in a british accent.
Now I am 23 and am re-reading the whole series and am finding more subtle things Adams put in there that i didnt catch when i read it 4 years ago.
I think that is what I like about this story so much, I’ve read it/listened to it/played it/watched it six times and I can STILL find new things in it to laugh about. And i still laugh at everything in it.
I just really hope they don’t FUCK UP the movie.
It looks promising…but so did Star Wars Episode I and II
~dog faced boy

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