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so, as some of you know who pay attention, i havnt updated my site in a really long time, and no one seems to care that i havnt. that kind of upsets me, but whatever. im planning to continue the webcomic as i do get good feedback on it, when i complete one. im also planning on changing the site up a little so i can do updates that are not strips. ok, let me be honest, Garret is going to change that, not me.

it sad news, i have reached level 40 in city of heroes. why is this sad news? cause that is a lot of hours that i should have spent drawing and not playing this silly game. but on the same side, im happy cause now i can to demension missions, which is great cause those will coast me to 50. what will i do when i reach the level cap of 50 you ask? i will work more on my tanker who is now level 14. i may also make a scrapper, claws/regen. i also realize this entire paragraph means nothing to anyone unless they are familure with COH.

so, i read hard’s live journal (he is the guy who does and sometimes he comes across as a complete asshole, but i can tell he just gets frusterated by idiots. people who email him randomly with non-sense, its very easy to see why his RAW is pretty on edge sounding, if read aloud. ive thought of emailing him a few times, but thought against it basicaly cause i dont want to be another burden of his, seeing as he allready gets a horde of emails, and doesnt like the ones he gets allready, why give him more?

he has been putting out a little hand book on how to write a letter to a complete stranger, you should check it out, its pretty good.

time for me to go to the gaysberry festival, oh i mean blackberry festival…gah

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