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So on Saturday I had a real nice post typed up with a pretty good rant about going to work then finding out I didn’t have to work so I got to go home. Well Firefox ended up freezing up and that sucked. Why might that suck? Well you see I write my post in a thing called ‘Scribefire‘ which is an extension/add on for Mozilla Firefox. It’s really neat and allows you write you bolgs within Firefox ina split window while you have webpages loaded above you. You can also ‘x’ it and it keeps your post until you clear it. Only it doesn’t keep your post if Firefox crashes. Ok, I’m done giving ‘Scribefire‘ free advertising, and it wasn’t that good of a post anyway.

I stumbled upon this cool website that showed me this neat trick with 12v batteries. Let me see if I can find it….
12 Volt Battery Hack! You’ll Be Surprised…
I’m going to try this!

Word Count=16,990
So I worked on Memoirs for awhile over the weekend and got it to where I am only one chapter away from being caught up on my revisions and making notes for each chapters. In case you where wondering, right now it is at 19 chapters and nearly 17,000 words.Once I finish making notes on chapter 19 and start to actually write new stuff things should run pretty quickly seeing as I have a ton of ideas in the works for this project.; I somewhat have a direction that I want to turn, or rather have Robert (the main character) turn.
Oh, and if you have read one of the previous drafts, even if you where one of the few who received a copy in the last month, I have re-worked a lot of the story and it’s worth another read.
NICK – You will be getting the first copy of the reworked first 19 chapters this week.

Bikini Jeans

Crazy ass Japanese people, I swear they sit around and just try to think of fucked up ways to shock the world. The worst part is the citizens over there buy into all the retarded shit. It’s weird shit like this that makes me want to move there for a year just to experience what it’s like living in a crazy man’s mind.

Yesterday we started to go through our upper Garage and organize it for the garage sale we plan to have next weekend. My sister and her hubby Mike came down to help out and we spent a good several hours going through shit. On the plus side I got all my art supplies that where up there moved all together and got a spark of wanting to paint. On the down side they just got moved to the lower garage since there is NO way I have any room to bring them into the house. This leads me to my next topic…
I really need a better paying job. Even if they gave me 40 hours a week here I still would be making barely enough money to scrap by. With two young boys and a third child on the way $9.00 is not enough money to support my family. It kind of makes me feel like a failure in life to only be making $9.00 with a stay at home wife, 2 kids and a third on the way. Something needs to change, and it needs to change now. Maybe I’ll whore myself to fat chicks.

So remembered today that I have a Deviant Art account and should probably start posting to it again. I did some research and it looks like they only allow HTML posts if you are a PAID user. How fucking gay is that? You have to pay $30 a year just to allow your posts to be in HTML. Also, it looks like they only images if you have a paid account, not links or anything else. This is frustrating. I Like deviant art, but might ignore it for my blog because it’s just a pain in the ass and I’m poor.

Ok all, I am getting off work a half an hour early and I’m going to go home and surprise my wife. Hopefully she doesn’t read this before had.


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  • krystalfaye

    hey im sure we could use some help in the galley. it's a pretty good/easy job. $11.50/hr 35-40 hrs a week medical insurance and it's a good way to get in on any state jobs that come available. I know it's not making comics or working on the internet, but it pays better than what you get now!

      • krystalfaye

        it's just a basic food service job, stocking, making cheeseburgers and hot dogs and soup and cleaning. but you get tips too. I know for a fact they are wanting to hire some more people, and I would give you a good recomendation. they pay for your z card (a security document you have to get through the coast gaurd) but if you don't work there for 6 months they take it out of your last pay check. but you still have to get a physical and drug test to get a z card which is about 130$ but that little expense pays for itself after just working there a couple weeks, what you get in tips and better pay. the hours very, sometimes you work from 430 am to 1230 or 1230-830. they will tell you that it's part time at first but really you'll be on call, which gets a lot of hours because the people who are higher in seniority than you take a lot of days off.

  • krystalfaye

    dude i was talking to one of the state workers yesterday and she told me that basically all she does all day long is sweep popcorn, walk around take out garbage once a day and goof off and she gets paid $21/hr! she said she worked in the galley 10 years ago and that's how she got the state job, it's easier to find out when they are heiring for the state if you are in the galley and they look at those people first when they are hiring. DUDE TWENTY ONE FUCKING DOLLARS AN HOUR, DO IT APPLY!

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