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so my cousin had her baby this morning. i know this because i got the privilage and joy of taking my sister to the hospital in tacoma at 2am. i dragged jeff along with me.

it was quite the adventure. we stopped at a cheveron in gig harbor and got eats and drinks, only jeffs creame soda and my creame soda rang up for $28.98 each. “thats a hell of an orange creame soda” thought we two.

then we dropped her off at the hospital, went in i said my hellos and wished my cousin luck. i also told her to have fun, cause you know you should have fun when giving birth. there should be confetti and streamers. alcohol too possibly.

on the way home we ended up taking a 10 mile detour via lackwood. no worries we thought. we really didnt care.

we got home around 5am or so and watched a little thing called ‘LEGENDS OF SUPERHEROES” which was a Roast type special that came out in the late 1970’s. i dont want to say its bad or anything, but Batman’s (played by Adam West) mask didnt even conform to his neck. also they used SHAZAM! instead of Superman. I did find it funny the ONLY thing Hawkman said was ‘EEEAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCKKKKKK” really loudly. although, now that i think about it i know exactly why they didnt have Superman in it, cause he was busy MAKING MOVIES AND NOT SHITTY TV SPEACIALS IN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES jesus fuck DC, take pride in what you do, dont let just anyone make a TV thing or movie (like Catwoman)

oh, at the hospital jeff and i got a good idea for a strip, so you can look forward to that soon.

crap, i have to poop. but im to lazy to go to the bathroom. this happens sometimes. i usualy just end up going to bed and going in the morning.

oh yes, to top the night off when i went to bed, shortly after i got home, about 35 minutes later my sister calls for me to come pick her up. now ive only been home for 35 minutes and i wasnt about to drive BACK to St Joeseph in Tacoma. so i told her no way in fucking hell she can wait. ok, i didnt say that, i mimbled alot incoherently cause i was really tired and had jsut fallen asleep when she called. but needless to say she waited and i went and picked her up just recently at around 6:30am or so.

and after all this it makes me think: damn, i wanna have a baby. anyone out there want to be my sperm recepticle?
~dog faced boy

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    • jhorsley3

      we didnt have to pay that much, the guy corrected it, but it took awhile. also at the gas station these 2 girls and guys walked in to buy beer. they allerady looked drunk. it was funny. cause you could jsut tell there was gonna be some orgy fucking in an hour or two.