Batman v Superman Extended Cut to be Rated R, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

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Superman is very proud of his…package.

So they announced that the Extended Cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be rated R.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. This article discusses it better than I can.

I loved Deadpool, as you may have noticed from the various Deadpool posts I did across all my interwebs. I loved so much about this film and truly feel that anything less than an R rating would have left it feeling incomplete. Although a PG-13 edition that pushes the boundaries of what a PG-13 movie can do would be amazing.

But a rated R Superman movie? The big blue boy scout? I’m sure the R rating comes from the Batman side as he is the darker of the two and in the history of the comics Batman tells a much darker story than Superman does. And I’m sure this extended cut was already coming prior to the success of Deadpool, though I wouldn’t doubt that it’s success did help push the cause for it to be a thing. I can’t imagine this is getting an R rating for language. Can you imagine?

Batman: “Tell me, do you bleed?”

Batman: “You will.”

Superman: “Dude, fuck off Bruce. I’m fucking Superman, you know a fucking god. I’ll crush you little faggot ass if you don’t knock off this stupid vague threats asshat”

Batman: “Words hurt Clark. Words hurt”

Doesn’t really scream what we think of when we think of Batman and Superman, does it?

Ok, so I’m going to be real honest here. I don’t think we need an R rated Batman movie. At least, I don’t think we need to set out to MAKE and R rated Batman movie. I think taking established characters that have for over 7 decades been family friendly (for the most part) and putting them in a main stream big budget movie with an R rating that shoves out most of it’s core audience is a little silly. I have this same feeling when I read one of the more mature Batman comics books. Even though I enjoy these stories (the good ones) that are a little grittier (though I dislike Frank Millers The Dark Knight series very much) I wonder if these stories are true to the character. I mean for Batman I get it. Batman is rooted in darkness, his villains are darker and over the last 70 years the tone of him as a character has become a lot darker than he was in the 60’s or before. A Batman movie getting the R treatment seems like a natural progression.

But Superman? SUPERMAN? I just keep coming back to the notion that Superman has no business in an R rater movie. It just seems he will be so out of place amongst the violence of an R rating. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe the R rated version will just be more free story telling and the R rating was natural based on the content and context of the story. Maybe there is some stuff with Lex or the Joker they couldn’t put in for the PG-13 version. Maybe they show Robin’s death in detail at the hands of the Joker and there just some more bloody scenes and it doesn’t effect the story as a whole.

I dunno, but it just feels…wrong.

I’m just thankful that the theatrical release will be PG-13 and accessible to all and the R rated one we will get on blu-ray. I’m sure it will be a good film and the extended cut will be a good version as well. I just really don’t want to tell my kids they can’t watch a Superman flick.


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