Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Pre-Review

First, watch this.

Ok, now let’s get on with the pre-review.

I’m excited for this movie, that’s no lie. I’ve been waiting for this movie for over a decade, maybe longer. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see Superman and Batman on screen together and dreamed of seeing them with Wonder Woman and the rest of the Justice League. Growing up I was a HUGE DC fan. I liked some Marvel stuff, sure. But for me it was all about Superman and Batman. Slowing getting into Teen Titans, and Robin, Wonder Woman and more as I got older. So when I first heard this was going to become a reality, I was insanely excited! I wanted to call my dad and talk to him about it since my love for these characters comes directly from his influence on me as a kid. Sadly he’s gone and I couldn’t do that, but I could pretend.

My kids are all excited for this movie as well. I’ve been told by all of them (with the exception of Jack, he’s 2) that I HAVE to take them to go see it. I don’t have a choice. My girls are super jazzed to see Wonder Woman on screen and my boys want to see Supes and Bats duke it out. Me? I just want a solid movie so we can finally have some DC movies to see and not just Marvel ones.

I really enjoyed Man of Steel, even with it’s flaws. I disagree with some things they did in it but over all I really like Henry Cavil as Superman. I’ve been 100% on board with Ben Affleck as Batman since the beginning.

My concerns are it will be TOO DARK. I read this somewhere from a friend I think on Facebook, but if you keep getting grittier and grittier you end up with dirt.

I’m hopeful it will be good. I know that no matter WHAT I will like it. I’ll write a real review either tonight or tomorrow with my thoughts.

Wish me luck.  (not sure what that means)

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