Batman V Superman Action figure distribution

The Batman v Superman rack at my local Walmart.

The Batman v Superman rack at my local Walmart.

Yes, This is the I bought.

Yes, This is the I bought.

Maybe I’m seeing something wrong, or my local store is a bad example, but SEVEN rows of Batman V Superman Action figures and only ONE  Wonder Woman? That insanity.

I was told there is an Aquaman toy in this series but him not being easy to find makes sense since he’s not a big part in the movie. But Wonder Woman? She’s been in every trailer. She’s been a part of the marketing. And now they overload the market with more fucking Batman figures and screw us over on anyone else.

I’ve been asking around the web and it appears that Wonder Woman was only ONE PER CASE. I really wish they would release the case distribution of characters cause I’m curious.

I REALLY hope this is just bad distribution at my local store or with the first wave and we see her character more in the merchandise.

Now I GET that this is is a Batman / Superman movie. Trust me, I GET that. BUT Wonder Woman is definitely in it, and in it enough to warrant using her in all the trailers and marketing. It makes sense that Aquaman has a low distribution (honestly, I don’t even think he should HAVE an action figure if he is just a cameo in the movie.) since he’s not really in the movie. But Wonder Woman? Come on.

I also want to point out that in these SEVEN rows of action figures I only saw 5 Superman ones, the rest were all Batman. Why not equally distribute the MAIN TWO CHARACTERS? Oh, right. The Dark Knight is super popular and no one likes Superman. He’s only the HIGHEST GROSSING SUPER-HERO OF ALL TIME (all things considered), he has sold 600 million issues of comics books (second is Batman at a distant 450 million).

I just don’t get it.

I also don’t get why they price the toys out of range for most parents to buy for their kids. $20 for an action figure is lot for me to spend on a toy my kids will ultimately destroy. What ever happened to the $5 toys? Oh yeah, a rising economy with unrealistically low rises in salary. That’s a topic for another day.


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