Bad Johnny/Bad Check

So I just spent a good hour talking with Roy (head of security and my future boss) and James (accounting) about various things. It made me realize that I am really going to enjoy working for Roy once I transfer. He is so laid back compared to Norma-Jean (my current boss). Don’t get me wrong, I like Norma-Jean but there’s always something wrong with her when she comes in to relieve me. She’s always late and she always seems to be sick, really tired or just exhausted from some bullshit. She is generally nice to me and I appreciate that but recently I did something wrong and had to write her a note. Now I have been waiting for a reason to write her a note in the form of a comic strip, and this was a perfect situation to do just that. I’ll show it to you now then talk about it.

As you see what happened wasn’t really a big deal, but I had to tell her. Well she never said anything to me about the situation or the comic, which I guess means I didn’t get in trouble. But when I asked Joey about what she thought of it since he works with her every day he told me that she was like “what the hell is this?” and “this doesn’t excuse the incident”. Joey tried to explain to her that it wasn’t about trying to excuse the incident it was just about trying to be creative and give her an interesting way to read a note instead of the boring old way. Joey said that she just didn’t get it. This makes me kind of sad because I spent a little bit of time on it and for it to go completely unappreciated upsets me. To this I say fuck her and I will be glad when I transfer. Granted I won’t be able to sit on my laptop and write super long updates, but I will get off work earlier so I can write them when I get home and such.

Also, when I gave her my 30 day notice that I was going to transfer she didn’t act like she was going to look to find a replacement anytime soon. In fact her exact words where “I’ll look, but I can’t guarantee I will look to hard.” Now I know it sucks to lose a good employee (not trying to be boastful but I am one of the few employees she has that she doesn’t have any problems with) and all, but if she really wanted to keep me at the front desk she should have given me my 90 day raise like I was told when I got hired instead of just ‘forgetting’ about it then not giving it to me saying ‘we are going through cut backs’. I have news for her, when the 30 days is up (March 14th) and if she hasn’t found anyone, I am still transferring to security. She better start looking because Krystal is going to part time and Alan is probably going to quit soon, this will put her down to Joey, Leo and I until March 14th then just Joey and Leo. Now if this happens before my 30days and she asks me to stay on to help out and work overtime, I will do it because that means a ton or extra cash, but otherwise March 14th I will work for Roy and not her.

I also found this add in the Kitsap Sun to be a little on the perverse side.

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