aug21st: All Good Things…..

So the chaotic fiasco of adventure wonderment, the trifector of inconceivable confused connectedness of unparallel proportions and unimaginable events of grandness have come to a climactic end. Well, not so climactic but to an end none the less. The mystery woman who runs through my head like Michael Johnson when he set the 100m and the 200m Olympic Records in Track and Field in Atlanta in 1996 (which happen to be world records as well). If you didn’t catch that reference, it means she was racing though my head at a frantic rate, i.e. she’s all I have been thinking about.

Well, I will not go into what happened but mystery girl and I are pulling back to be just friends. Sucks for me, but there are good reasons for it. I wish her the best of luck on this, and that her and I can still talk and be friends. Would be terrible to lose her as a friend. This is all I am going to say about this for now, nothing but the best for her.


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