Aug14th2006:to tired for a clever title

So tonight was sort of uneventful at work. I spent a good portion of the night up at pull tabs annoying the shit out of Rachel. She is pretty cool, if you remember yesterdays post there was a photo of a child mean muggin’ it as if to say “fuck y’all niggaz”, well that rapscallion is her son Kaeden. Today while up there bother her she drew me a picture…she’s an amazing artist. Take a look for yourself

hell yes

I’ve been working on this insane zombie fight scene at work for the last week or so. Well I finished it tonight and started colouring (word still says I spell colour wrong but I say fuck them, I spell it the proper British way damnit) it in Photoshop. I really want to post what I have done so far buuuuuuut I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I figure my return to the art world should be EPIC….or at least be something decent with a whole lot of blood in it!
If anyone cares I am no longer running Office in Norwegian instead I am the proud owner of Microsoft Office 2007 BETA thanks to my good buddy Bennett
(ladies, check him out here he works at Total Video in Silverdale, give him play he’s hot) . So far I’m loving this 2007 BETA, its all blue colourful and fancy, I like it. Let’s see how buggy it is after a weeks use.

I fear today’s post isn’t very clever and for that I apologize dearly, for I have spent the last 5 hours working in Photoshop on a piece that I will unveil to you all soon…but until then to prove I’ve been playing with Photoshop I did this today…and no it’s not just filters, a lot of it was by hand.

So forgive me those who read this for a lackluster post, I promise I will pone up to the challenge of writing one in my normal interesting word flowing manner you all have grown accustomed too.

Oh, I finally got a new schedule at work. I work 6pm to 2am. So all of you cute girls, and boys, that are stalking me or planning to start stalking me you now know what hours I work starting Sunday. Just be sure that if you come to the bowling alley for stalking purposes I require chocolate.
In other job related news I quit my job at Olympic Presort. I walked it and yelled “Fuck Y’all Niggaz I’m out!” (can you tell I listened to DMX today?) then I jumped on the table and sang “TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT!”.
Ok so in reality I went to the boss to quit and he beat me to the punch saying the finally found someone willing to work full time on that route and asked me if I would go to on call, which I was more than happy to do. So no more 16 hour days for me right now and I will actually have two fucking days off this week! Yay!!!! Fuck yes yo.

I leave you with this:
when I was a kid I saw a light/high above the trees one night/thought it was an alien/turned out to be just God


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