Aug132006: Red Rocket Rover, Red Rocket!!

Today was a slow day so I’ll be brief.

I went over to Calvin’s house this morning and he made me breakfast, it was fantastic. I love it when Calvin cooks, because it is guaranteed to be great. After our mutual eating of the grub we wet upstairs in his house and worked on some songs. We practice for about 3 hours or so and only played 2 songs, it was awesome. They sound really good. I like that him and I are taking our time to get the songs just right before we move on. The songs are pretty intricate and we both think they sound really good. The only downfall is neither him nor I are very good singers, but we are going to tough it out and try our best.

After that I came back to the Bat-Cave and checked my emails and shit. I’ve been exchanging messages with this girl from Ireland for a few days now. So far she is really cool, should make for a good friend. Usually I lose interest in internet people within about 5 emails, but I think we are sitting at 25 or something back and forth and I’m still intrigued to talk to her.

I’ve also been sending messages back and forth with Rachel from work talking about some pretty random yet specific things. Good stuff.

And now some random drawings I’ve done at work.

We had a pool tournament tonight at work and I met some pretty cool Islanders who have their own little recording studio and reggae/rap group. I told them I play music too and they gave me their number as well as told me that I should give them a call when I wanted to record and they would lay down a demo for me for practically free, as long as I promoted 808 Produktions. So I will defiantly be giving them a fucking call, free or damn near free recording? Hell yes.

There’s probably more but I’m to tired to think of it….oh yeah. After work I asked the bartender Heather to make me something yummy…she made me something called a Red Rocket. It was fucking delicious. If you ever go to the bar at Bremerton Lanes get one! I would tell you how much they cost, but I didn’t buy it. I also played a game of pool where I lost to myself badly.

I will make a quick note here to a one Miss Kaylie saying that she gave me a CD today with songs on it, and I’ve listened to about a third of it and I like it. Where you trying to send a little message with your song selection of this CD? Hmmm?? Haha, you rule Kaylie.

A Joke stolen from Afro man.

Wait a minute man
Hey check this out man tell it. It was this blind man right, it was this blind man right
He was feelin’ his way down the street with a stick right, hey He walked past this fish market, you know what I’m sayin’ He stopped he took a deep breath he said
Snfffffff, woooo good morning ladies, h


Peace out bitches.


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