Ashtray Trump Card 2

So Jamie just walked up with some ashtrays, she gives the black ones to me to put up here and the red ones go to the pull tabs counter. Well she set down the red ones and I pushed them of the counter. Pat picked them up, put them on the counter and when she went to pick them up I pushed them off again and one broke. Jamie said “ohhh I’m telling your boss you broke one!!!” and I said “yeah, well I’ll tell your boss that you like to spend you time prank calling the front desk and hanging up while on the clock!” then Micky chimes in and says “oh lets see hwo can one up the other the most here!” to which I said very loudly “I HAVE A PENIS!!” which made everyone laugh profusely and Micky said “Well, doesn’t get up much more then that!” Jamie walked away and when she walked back she said “well I have boobs!” “yeah, well so do I!” I told her. Granted we agreed hers are much better, but still. Just though I would share that little story with you.

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