Artist are Under appreciated

Artists are so under appreciated in this world. Whether they are painters, cartoonists, graphic artists, writers, poets, directors, musicians, producers or whatever no one really gives a shit. It’s really only the actor vein of creativity that anyone sees to give a flying fuck about. Yeah I know certain directors and writers are well known, and have fame, but can you tell me who wrote Scarface? Didn’t think so, but I bet you can tell me who stared in it. That’s what gets me about the entertainment/creative world, it’s not the person who wrote Scareface, or wrote the line Say hello to my little friend that people remember, you know the one RESPONSIBLE for it even being out there, but it’s the person who said it they remember. In a way yeah, the person who said it should be remembered, but it’s like if you’re not out there in the lime light you are a no body, REGARDLESS of how much you contribute.
Look at the music industry. Very rarely is it one person that does it all, but who can you remember out of any given band? The front man. Even if that front man just sings and sings what he is told to, he gets all of the recognition.
Going on back to my original point, it’s insanely hard to try and make a living as an artist. And even given that, I still want to do that. Because I would rather just scrape by on my art then do well fucking sheep (that’s my analogy for working a job I don’t like).


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