April 14th: WHY ME?!?! OH GOD WHY ME!!?!?! snoogins.

So it’s almost 2am and I SHOULD be fucking sleeping. Am I you inquisitive readers ask? Well, if I am then I have just discovered a new talent of being able to type in coherent sentences whilst fast asleep. No my good friends I somehow became WIDE-THE-FUCK awake after spending several hours almost falling asleep over at Kaylie’s moms house then her friend Heather’s house. Amazing, all day I’ve been wanting to go back to sleep. Now I have the chance and can’t.


I laid next to my beautiful wife for over an hour trying to sleep watching House Hunters and Freestyle. Which on a delectable side note I found out that Evan Farmer, who was on “While you Where Out” and the MTV series “2ge+her” is hosting “Freestyle” now, and this pleases me greatly.


I’m fascinated with the cover of Bryan Hyland’s “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot bikini” that plays on the new Yoplait commercials. I want to find an mp3 of it so I can listen to it and giggle while doing manly stuff.


This post is sort of a random arrangement of thoughts. That being said I am going to attempt to sleep with my wife. Now which meaning of the term “sleep with my wife” I am meaning, well, a gentleman never tells.


And i still need to sell thsoe TVs. and possibly a computer and a 51 disc CD changer Sony stereo.



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