another thing 12

i got my Kane Hodder re-release CD today with poster and stickers and button.
just thought i should mention that.

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12 thoughts on “another thing

      • The Revenge Post author

        well, i could have all that in one computer, but i dont because i have several to house with hard drives for different things. oh and 4×250 really isnt a terrabyte, its actually only 748gigs of useable space, where as my total useable space is 1,222.98 gigs which is over a terrabyte of useable space. sucka.

        • tear_ofblood

          wait, how'd you get 748gigs? i have 928gigs of usuable space. thats only in my main computer, i still have my moms computer, which i use for remote storage. if you want to talk about house totals, dont make me dig through my boxes and find my old harddrives!
          Haha, not like it matters. since i've been ripping dvds, installing games/programs, downloading shit load, running linux on one whole drive for over a year. and i still have more then i know what to do with.

          • The Revenge Post author

            i was just guessing on an average of 13gig overhead for every 200gigs. also, if you really want to talk house totals, theres 10 computers running and a box of hard drives not being used sitting upstairs.

  • devil_shat

    that drawing is going pretty well!
    don't listen to vern. i didn't find the movie intense at all. it was a good movie and all, but there was pretty much nothing shocking in it.

  • transtempts

    Hey you, checking in to see how you're doing- I think your schedule and mine sort of gel in the way that they're insane. Brokeback Mountain is supposed to be excellent- of course, it's Ang Lee, so that figures. And yes, there are girls who like cartoons, superhero shows and stuff. ::g:: One of them would like to know if you've been reading anything good lately? ::pokes you playfully::

    • The Revenge Post author

      well then lets go see it sucka.
      ive been reading johnny cash's autobiography 'cash', that an american gods still off and on, haha. both are excellent.
      and i just want those cartoon/superhero show watching cute girls to like me!

        • The Revenge Post author

          yes, it is playing in Bainbridge. im off wednesday and thursday if you want to go then.
          and i mean like as in *oh baby you so hot lets make babies(but not right away of course)* so if you like me like that, well then lets talk!

          • transtempts

            Well, I work until six both wednesday and thursday. we could go out afterwards one of those nights. and don't have to be up early friday morning.
            ::blink blink:: because, yes, i talk like that all the time.