and this is why i hate my internet 9

Garmichael1: on the radio radio
Garmichael1: or on the justice radio
x jhorsley3 x: on justice radio
x jhorsley3 x: i hear GW has no monthly fee
Garmichael1: hi
Garmichael1: are you getting my messages?
x jhorsley3 x: yes i am, but i think you are getting mine at a really delayed rate
Garmichael1: ???
Garmichael1: haha
Garmichael1: im just making fun of your COH addiction
Garmichael1: so you said hi like 11 times
Garmichael1: it seems like it is
Garmichael1: i want to see that
Garmichael1: everyone says its good
x jhorsley3 x: see what? oh god i hate this delayed shit
Garmichael1: no way
Garmichael1: i cant believe that
x jhorsley3 x: i have no idea waht the hell your talking about
Garmichael1: what the hell

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