And the winners are crowned! 5

So have you been wondering who won the recent two y2cl contests? Me too! Let us put to rest the desire to know and find out together!

The winner of the y2cl COMMENT CONTEST:


Jeff Schuetze, creator of the webcomic JefBot!

Congratulations to Jeff! You win your very own FREE copy of the upcoming Y2CLASSICS book!

Let’s all give Jeff a round of applause!

Now on to the next contest…The GREAT CAMEO CONTEST

GRAND PRIZE – JOE GARCIA, from For The Reels!, who was able to identify 17 cameos gets a signed Y2CLASSICS book, z2c button, temporary tattoo, and a piece of original art (any character you want)

FIRST PRIZE – Eben, from eben07, correctly got 16 and  gets a signed Y2CLASSICS book and z2c button

(2)SECOND PRIZE – goes to reader Ivan, who for 13 and Johnathan Bigelow, of A Rusty Life, who got 9,  each get an original sketch of any y2cl character you want

Third Prize – goes to reader Stephanie, who noticed 5, gets a guest spot in a y2cl comic!

and now if you will please visit the GREAT CAMEO CONTEST page, you will see there is a handy dandy list telling you where everyone came from, with links. Check out their comic! Each cameo was chosen for a reason!

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