And the Winner is crowned… 1


After our celebrity panel of judges spent HOURS and HOURS pouring through all the submissions to the September 2008 Fan Art Contest (of awesomeness), after many pots of coffee, arguments, make ups and breaks to play SCENE IT (the Disney version of course) a WINNER has RISEN from ashes and claimed the mantle of prizes!

The winner of the FIRST place prize… Claiming the SIGNED copy of the y2cl book 1, a limited edition y2cl/z2c button AND a y2cl temporary tattoo (photos required with it on) is non other then…the ONE…The ONLY…

JOSEPH GARCIA from!!!!!!

What is his amazing entry that rose him above the rest? What did he do that beat out dumbbum’s awesomely awesome entry?

I am sorry to say but you will have to wait for Monday when For The Reels TAKES OVER y2cl! That’s right! Mr. Garcia’s entry was so spectacular that it created a rift in the space/time/y2cl continuum and actually took over y2cl for 5 days. There’s nothing I can do to stop it! NOTHING! So sit back, and enjoy the next 5 days (Starting tomorrow at 7am) of the For The Reels y2cl take over!

What’s that you say? What about the second and third place prizes? Who one them? Well these ones I can show you!

Thank you all who entered! It was very fun going through the submissions and seeing peoples interpretations of the y2cl characters!

There will be a new contest in December! Stay tuned!

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One thought on “And the Winner is crowned…

  • forthereels

    You love me! You really love me — in a totally hetero, completely plutonic way!!!

    ALRIGHT! I can’t wait to get my hands on that book! AND button! And that tattoo! (photos to come, although now I can’t wear it on my ass )

    Congratulations to dumbum (I’m shocked it didn’t win!) and to Eben07 for placing!

    I look forward to showing all of you my submission in the coming week!