and the cabbage says: 23

ive been working more lately then i ever thought i would. its fucking hard to get into the comic industries, and run a full time business. oh, and go to school, oh yeah, and have a girlfriend. busy times.

i went to the emerald city copmic con yesterday. as a dealer with a table, it was fun. we where put next to a booth that had nothing but porn. they had a DVD called SEMEN FIGHT 2002 from Japan!! apparently it was a contest where each girl had to do more then then girl before her. do meaning guys, and result meaning take more cum on the face. it was a double disc set, very nice packaging, and a resonable $60. needlees to say, i didnt buy it. but they guy did give me a free copy of playboy’s 40th anniversay issue.

i also got hit on by a lot of girls there. first was this black and red haris punk girl. next was a cute little asian girl who made sure to ask me my name (even though i had a name tag on) and was very interested to know if i would be at more conventions. and that she hopes to see me there. and the last one i will mention was the girl who liked She-Ra. nuff said there. all three of them were cuties. but i have a girlfriend.

ill be in portland on the 23rd. hopefully have a table, but if not, ill just go to be the feg i am.

ok thats all for now

the cabbage has spokem

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