An End to an Era…The Microcasm has imploded.

As you know if you have ready my blogs/comics over the past few years I have what some may call an unhealthy obsession with Andrew Schnorr’s Elderly Apple. I even have publicly noted several times that Inanimate Comics is literally an idea for a comic that came while reading Elderly Apple and was and always will be dedicated to Andrew and Elderly Apple.

I met Andrew back in my days at COTM, or Comic of the Month, when I has just brought y2cl back from a year and a half hiatus. I remember the first time I saw Elderly Apple and how it made me feel. At first I didn’t get it. I thought it was stupid and a waste of my time. That was only because I was approaching it as every other web-comic on the web and with Elderly Apple you simply can not do that. It’s so much MORE than a web-comic. It’s a collection of beautiful ideas and thoughts. Once you let it encapsulate you it is an experience like no other. Free form imagination at it’s best.

I’m not one to shy away from things I want and Elderly Apple is an idea for a comic I wish I had come up with because I see it as a liberating exercise. Create an ‘idea’ then create and image based on said ‘idea’. Flawless. You could even create the image first and the idea second, that’s the beauty of it. It truly is a free form anything goes concept that just works. You may comment on the art and how it’s childish, but sit back and take it in. The art style with the ideas is what MAKES Elderly Apple so great.

Is it funny all the time? No, but that’s not the point. Is it fun all the time? Yes, and that IS the point. Andrew Schnoorr is not a web-comic creator. Andrew Schnorr is a crafter of imagination and ideas. Elderly Apple has and always will sit in a league of it’s own as a pioneer of it’s own craft. 1,000 consecutive days of ideas. It’s as beautiful as it was fun for me to become friends Andrew and experience it myself.

If you remember I had Andrew on y2cl Radio on episode 5 where we celebrating his birthday as well as his 500th comic. We plan to have him on again to do a retrospect of his 1,000 days of ideas so look for that within the next two weeks!

I’d like to end this with telling Andrew thank you. Thank you for Elderly Apple. Thank you for letting me in the world. And most of all, thank you for the kind words in your post.

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