Amazon PRIME! sounds like a bad 90’s comic character. 1

Maybe I’m late to this game of awesomeness, but I have just discovered how awesome it is to order things from! I mean I’ve ordered from them in the past, and I think I opened my account when I was in high school (roughly 10 years ago) but just in the last few months I realized how epic it is to peruse their site for neat shit that I really don’t need but will buy ANY way. I figured I would take some time here and go over some of the crap I’ve bought and how awesome it is.

Before I start let me preface this with I’ve always been a huge online ordering advocate, but I loath shipping prices. I know they have to be paid, I just don’t like them. I also hate taxes. I generally hate ANY additional price that get’s tacked onto the price when you go to pay for it. If an item costs $4.99 and I have a fiver I should be able to buy it and NOT be 8 cents short. That is a rant for another day.

Here is a list of things I bought (Why? Because I can)

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