all the things i’ve come to fark the most 14

today: school, student appriciation day, cheap food, waited for ryan, he never showed, went home, passed out on the couch, power was out cause a new house came in, went to home depot, bought primer, primered my walls, tried to do math homework, but to tierd, so i make a run on sentance post now.

i started a painting to day, in class. it sucks, but im learning and having a lot of fun. i have ideas for 2 paintings i really want to do, and i am going to, both of them will kick the ass out of a donkey.

misty came over and heled paint. i asked my band mates, but they didnt want to, i guess i know who my real friends are. its like all my real friends have helped me out over the years with things when i needed them too, but the people in my band, who are suposedly my really good friends, only helped me once, when it benifeted them as well. bitches.

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