A weekend that won’t die. 1

So this weekend…where do I start?

Last week Tegan was sick, up all night throwing up. This generally means we have two girls crying in the middle of the night because one just threw up and the other just got thrown up on since the girls refuse to sleep in separate beds. This in turns means that Kaylie and I get up, I usually get clean up duty in the room and Kaylie tosses the girls (not literally) into the shower. At 2am this gets to be a very large task.

Then Saidey got sick and the cycle started over. I spent two nights sleeping downstairs on the couch with her and Kaylie slept in the chair. We thought she was getting better on Friday, which was awesome because Saidey is the 2013 Miss Katie Kitsap and was going to be in the Armed Forces Day Parade and the Viking Fest Parade on Saturday. Sadly around 2am Saturday morning she started throwing up again. We kicked in clean up mode then went downstairs with her again to sleep on the couch and in the chair. We gave her some zolfran (an anti nausea medicine) to hopefully stop the vomiting so we could all sleep. Nope. Did not work. Saidey proceeded to vomit every hour for the next 18 hours.

After much debate we canceled her appearance at the first parade in hopes she would be better in time for the second parade.

Saturday was also the day Tegan was to go get her pictures taken for her ballet class. She couldn’t miss this. Even though I was running on no sleep, and so was Kaylie, we got her ready and I took her to pictures while Kaylie stayed home with Saidey. Tegan was adorable in her little sparkle outfit and tutu.

On a side note Tegan and I stopped by the local comic book store and found out it’s cheaper for me to set up my subscriptions with them rather than online so I will totally be doing that.

Finally we decided to take her into the ER since she had not ate in 2 days, was still throwing up, she was obviously dehydrated and she started just falling asleep while talking to her. When we got there she had pretty much given up on talking and resorted to pointing or just not talking at all. She also tried to move as little as possible.

Saidey smiling in the ER for Grandma Linda

Saidey smiling in the ER for Grandma Linda

We knew she needed an IV to get fluids in her, and generally Saidey does fine with needles so we where not worried about that. What did suck is they poked her in the right arm and couldn’t find a vein so they had to poke her again in he left. She wasn’t too happy about that one but she sucked it up like a trooper after the promise of new comic books.

Several hours later we go home with our Saidey and again sleep on the couch downstairs so she is close to a bathroom just in case. Luckily she did not throw up again.

Yesterday Saidey was feeling better but we still had to be careful with what she ate. This wasn’t really a problem until dinner time where she decided that she would rather just go to bed than eat the dinner I made. Yesterday was also the day Saidey had her ballet pictures so we got her all dressed up and I took her in. At this point she was feeling pretty good so it wasn’t to hard on her. What was hard on her was there was a bake sale to raise money outside the ballet office and she couldn’t have anything. she was not happy about this.

The good thing is she is feeling better now and we got to sleep in our own beds last night. The bad thing is my entire weekend and part of last week was spent taking care of sick people. I also did not really get to see my other kids as we sent Tegan and Jakob off to Kaylie’s moms house and Kodi went to my mom’s house to avoid getting sick.

Oh, a couple little quick notes about this weekend that made it even more difficult  interesting is that Sunday Kodi did not have his ADHD medicine and was bouncing off the walls and Kaylie is still sick so she spent most of the weekend in the chair in pain, sneezing and trying to sleep.

And to top off my amazing weekend? I get to work and get out of my car then my hand decided it was done holding my phone and dropped it on the concrete. Now I have a lovely spiderweb on the screen of my phone.

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One thought on “A weekend that won’t die.

  • Trisha

    My poor lambs I was so happy to be home on Saturday. My teeth had sweaters and my hair felt liek 20lbs of goo! The kids were awesome to have over!! They were so good and we had tons of fun.