8/8/07 – under my umbrella

I have the Rihanna song “Umbrella” in my head. I rather like it, both versions too. I was going to post the Videos for them, but meh. Lost interested.


God damn JKLM Comics is doing great. We just hit 1000 feedback, we are shipping tons of items. We sold over $1,000 worth of items last night. Holy crap in a hat! It’s actually working!


So if anyone cares about my “Memoirs” project, I am working on it again. I am trying to put a couple hours of work into it every week. Right now I am re-reading the chapters I have written and making reference notes for myself so I can proceed to completing the story. Since people who have read the story tend to know more about what has happened in it then I do, and I wrote the effin thing.
Any input and criticism is accepted and wanted.


I think tomorrow I will post a more in depth post on projects I am going to begin and see if any one cares/wants to help/wants to see done. One of them is my comic strip…thinking of dabbling into that again.


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