8/7/07 – more stolen images, and some thoughts

So I was perusing LJ today and found this gem

on oneonthefence‘s LJ and thought it worthy of stealing and reposting for everyone else to enjoy. Brought a nice chuckle to my humdrum day at work


So I am still in complete SHOCK that my wife is pregnant. Every time I think about it it makes me smile from ear to frickin’ ear. I suppose now I should start raising money to pay for the trials and tribulations that will be having THREE KIDS. Not that I am complaining about this, I want more kids as well! I just need to find the money to support them. Looks like extra hours at Donobi for me and more time put in on JKLM (which is doing GREAT by the way, for more info on that see my next sections)


Oh wait, that section is right here! haha.
JKLM Comics is doing great. We are selling a lot of stuff and it is really seeming to work out this time. I spent alot of time refining the look of our description, doing a lot of fancy HTML (hah! fancy!) to make it pretty.
So take a look all of you out there in ‘reads j’s blogs land’, Feedback would be nice. Feedback on what you ask? meh, I have no idea, but on something at least!
Also, if you want to buy anything let me know and I will give you a friends discount!

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