Some updates and a charity auction painting


Well shit on a shingle it’s been awhile since I have posted a blog. What has happened? Well I will make this brief for you.
Kodi – We found out that 99.9% chance we WILL be adopting him
Jakob – Is a smart stinker butt, and we love him to death. He is definitely a 2 year old.
Saidey – We have picked her full name, and it is amazing. I’m not tell you though. Also we have a surprise for tomorrow!
Kaylie – She is becoming more and more pregnant each day. I love her though. I will be happy when Saidey is here and Kaylie is….back (I LOVE YOU BABY)
Me – I’ve been keeping busy. I started my computer charity and have gotten a lot of donations. I haven’t looking into how I will distribute them out yet, that’s something I need to look into. Maybe I should get a non-profit org thingy? Maybe not. I am thinking about starting a side business called TH3 Computers where I fix computers for cheap and possibly build them for people as well. I’m good at it and I might as well make some money on that!
I have also been working on getting some side jobs. Not sure if I will need a tax ID for it, but I might.
I also donated a painting to an elementary school in Buckly Washington. I need to mail it out to them. It is this one:

I’m not sure what else I can update you on quickly. I could say that I had two meetings with ITT Tech, I passed their ‘entrance exam’ which was basically ‘write you name here’ and I got a free T-Shirt.
I also met with them about financial aid and they want me to take out $21,000 in loans to go there. Fuck that. It’s all ready am hour and a half drive with no traffic PLUS 21k in loans? Fuck that in a hand basket.
oh well, whatever. peace out.


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