8/31/07 – The last post of August….maybe. (it has memoirs and a picture!)

So I don’t have much for today. Just a pictures and an update, but not in that order. Enjoy.

Daily Memoirs Project Update
current word count: 18,107
If you have been paying attention you will notice that the word count on the story has gone up about 3,000 words since I started posting the updates. Pretty proud of that, until I realize that I’m at BEST 20% done with the story. Oh well, I still have a lot to say with these characters and lot more to develop.

I am currently writing chapter 19 which is so far turning out to be my longest chapter yet by far. Chapter 19 is currently 2,442 words long making it 13% of the entire story thus far. This will change because I do plan to go back and elaborate even more in the early chapters and the next chunk of chapters will be quite lengthy because they each tackle a big chunk of the story.

All in all I am impressed with myself to what I have gotten done. I do think after 20 chapters are completed I might try to see if there is any interest in it.

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