8/28/07 – The wife puts the clamp down and some funny pictures. 2

So the wife dropped the bomb today that she wants me to get more hours here or go to the shipyard, construction of landscaping. This really upset me. I do not mind getting more hours here, or looking for a new job, it’s that I do NOT want to do construction or landscaping. I am not that kind of person. And the shipyard…I don’t know. I have a hard time being away from my wife and kids, especially since Jakob has all his medical problems, Kodi has issues I can not speak of here and my wife is pregnant and I hate to leave her home alone with 2 young boys to run her ragged. That and I just really don’t want to do the work they have there. I don’t want to do something I will hate with every inch of my body. If I absolutely have to I will, I would rather get a job at Keyport or something that challenges my mind and is something I am at least remotely interested in. I don’t know..I am at a loss right now. I need some direction…I think I need to go back to school and finish OC for a change. I need to get my head in the game…

So I just called OC to figure out what I need to do to get reinstated with Financial aid. I went Winter 06-07 and ended up not completing any of the three classes I was attending due to Jakob’s medical and other issues. I plan to go back a little smarter this time and only take one or two classes and not have them everyday but only go twice a week. Assuming I can get my financial aid back I should be able to graduate at the end of this coming school year with my AAS. I feel like I make a post similar to this EVERY year, but maybe this will be the year I complete it? After I get this I plan to move to a different school to get my Bachelors probably in Web Development. I am hoping I can get OC to approve me to take 2 classes a quarter for three quarters so I can take one class I need then take a design art class to prepare me for the Web Development program. Maybe I should make an appointment with a adviser, see if they can help me? (Yes, this is all in repsonce to me getting pissed that my wife suggested construction or landscaping)

So I need to tell you a story of a customer call that a co worker received today. This customer calls up and I will type for you now what I recall as what was said:

Customer: “Hi! I haven’t signed up yet, but I am interested in your service! Can you please tell me about it?”

CSR: “Certainly sir, what can I help you with?”

C: “I see your trial is only for 10 days. I hardly see how this is enough time to make an appropriate judgment on your service. Can you extend it for me since I am special?”
(I may be exaggerating what was said a little)

CSR: No sir, I am unable to extend your free trial.  90% of our customers find that they know if they want to keep the service during the 10 days.

C: Well the STANDARD is a 14 day two week trial! Why don’t you follow the standard!? They have been giving 14 day trial for 100,000 years! WHY CAN’T YOU?
(I swear to Christ this is what he said, NOT me elaborating it)

CSR: (trying not to laugh) Sir, I doubt internet companies have been giving free trials for 100,000 years.

C: Well, maybe a 100 years to be more exact, but I was exaggerating to prove a point!
(Again, this is almost word for word what he said)

CSR: (Still trying not to laugh) Sir is there anything else I can help you with?

(he says this as if the manager is going to do something different, or maybe he wanted to talk about the ancient 14 day free trials the Greeks gave out when they rented their video games)

CSR: Fuck your mother sir.

OK, ok! So maybe the call DIDN’T end that way, but in my world it did.


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