8/24/07 – I’m Tired. Sleep now in the Fired. 6

We have all hear of Wikipedia right? Well check out this link exposing who edits certain Wikipedia pages

Some of my favorite ones are:

Microsoft tried to cover up the XBOX 360 failure rate

Apple edit Microsoft entries, adding more negative comments about its rival

The Vatican edits Irish Catholic politician Gerry Adams page (I didn’t know the Vatican had computers)

Check it out, theres some interesting shit there.

You know, I’m all for cultures having their own ‘thing’ or whatever. But Googoth(a gothic version of Google) is a little ridiculous. All it searches is ‘GOTH’ websites. Go try it out, search for Hello Kitty, see what you find. go on, I’ll wait……Isn’t that just adorable? I especially like how its all so atypically black and lavender with the “WE ARE GOTH AND OH SO DIFFERENT’ edgy logo. Meh, fuck subcultures, they are creepy.

So I have spent almost ALL of my lunch break just fucking around on the internet. Finding pictures and placing them here, totally avoiding actually writing something with meaning behind it. So I think I will write something now.

So I have been trying to figure out how to make my blogger, rss, livejournal, myspace and my website update all at once. Well I have got it so now when I post to my livejournal it updates my RSS/ATOM feed automatically and the Atom feed updates my website automatically. My blogger RSS feed updates with the lj RSS feed. Now if I could just get my myspace to update with it….I doubt that will ever happen though. Bust at least my website will not update all the time, and at least its fucking working again.

I’ve been finding a whole lot of open source/free programs that I hope to spend some time looking into over the weekend. Some really neat art programs, some FPS games, a 3d modeling program. There are also a bunch of XP help guides that I found to speed up XP and such, so far they have all worked wonders. I even found some really good linux tutorial sites to help me learn Ubuntu. I plan to (whenever I get one) run my desktop in Ubuntu. Hmmm…Here is an interesting situation…

There are mainly three operating systems in which I would probably work with. And there are three main things that I concentrate on doing. Lets break them down shall we?

  1. Ubuntu (linux) – for general computer uses and because its free and fun
  2. Windows XP – widely used, the wife knows it and it’s what will be used at JKLM
  3. Mac OSX – I do plan to get heavy into art again soon and nothing does art better then a MAC.

Ubuntu (Linux) ~ The main reason I want to run a computer with Ubuntu is that I can throw it on an older PC and it will run flawlessly and be just as powerful, if not more, then XP. I also really enjoy the Ubuntu environment and like the idea of Open Source programs. There really is not reason I need a PC that runs Ubuntu, it’s more of a want. More than likely the only Ubuntu PC that I will ever have will be my web development PC at JKLM.

Windows XP ~ Widely used and widely supported. And it does everything I want it to do. To be honest again, all the neat features I found in Ubunto that I dug so much, I found add ons for XP to do the exact same thing. My main PC will probably always be XP due to this fact, maybe Vista if it ever stops sucking balls. Also my wife like XP because she knows it. And again, it will do EVERYTHING I want done in an operating system, even if I have to mod it to do this.

MAC OSX I don’t know if there is an OSX2 or not, but this is generally why I want a MAC. I want a PowerPC (the ones that are just a monitor and all sweet looking) for a few reasons. They are pretty, fast and GREAT for art work. I would love to people to have a seperate MAC to run all my artwork programs on. Unfortunately I don’t ever really see this happening any time soon. Seeing as I can barely afford to eat right now, a $2,000 computer isn’t very likely to happen. The only reason I can afford several Windows/Linux based PCs is I got a bunch of free crap from work

All of this probably meant NOTHING to ANYONE, but I needed to type it it, and well know that if I need to type something up I am going to do it here!


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