8/23/07 – feedburner?

So most of my day today at work has been spent tuning up my website jhorsley3.com. Man it feels good to have it running again. I called Garret and told him what it was that broke it and he pretty much called be a fucking dumbass. Rightfully so. Man I hope I can get back into the swing of this and make it fucking work
The next big step for my site is to figure out how to make the front to update via RSS. I found the code to do it, now I just need to figure out how to make it fucking work!
And speaking of fucking, I did a word count analyzer on my blog for the last 4 years and ‘fucking’ is the number one said word. ‘Kaylie’ was number 20 or so. Not bad, she gets into the top 20 with only a year of being in the blog which has been going for 5 years now. Ill post more statistics on my blog tomorrow, they are neat. I know no one cares, but its fun.

stolen from IParkLikeanIdiot.com

I wonder what the story behind this is?

Damn Skippy!

Damn Skippy!

This customer just called in an yelled at me. It was funny, I think I might have sort of laughed at her. She was a bitch and I hung up on her. Damn I am a great CSR. They should promote me.


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