8/21/07 – Dubya D Duble D’s

Hold up! What’s that you say? This image is anti-American? Why sir YOU are anti-American! How do you know Dubya DOESNTY heart midget porn? HMM??? There is nothing more American then watching God‘s little punch lines Midgets expressing their freedom of speech and horrifying pleasing us all with sexual acts.

God I love 42....I mean XKCD

God I love 42....I mean XKCD

Man, you know what sucks? I had a post going then Bill (my bosses bosses boss) asked if he could use my desk, naturally I said ok. Well I am up front this week at Aliesha’s desk while she is on vacation and I was remoted into my computer in the back. I was writing my blog on that computer and when he went in there he took the network cable off of it to plug his laptop into. So I got booted off. Hopefully it’s still there when I log back into it after he leaves!! Heh, I got my remote connection back! Now let us see if you can figure out what it was that I thought I might have lost!

DMCA Means You Can’t Delete Files On Your PC?
stolen from SlashDot
DragonHawk writes “According to Wired, John Stottlemire found a way to print duplicate coupons from Coupons.com by deleting some files and registry entires on his PC. Now he’s being sued for a DMCA violation. He says, ‘All I did was erase files or registry keys.’ Says a lawyer: ‘[The DMCA] may cover this. I think it does give companies a lot of leverage and a lot of power.’ So now the copyright cartels are saying that not only can we not copy things on our computers, but we can’t delete things on our computers? Time to buy stock in Seagate.”
Well shit, I’m not sure that should be right. How could it possibly be legal for them to not allow you to delete your own files? It should be up to them to make sure you can’t cheat them out of whatever it is they are offering on their end, not yours.

Last night after the kids went to bed, Gramma watched them while I made Kaylie go up to my parents house with me so I could sort some cards. I just really wanted to get something done on JKLM. I got to give it to my wife, she did not want to go but she did because I was so adamant on wanting to get something done. On the plus side I got a lot of shit done. On the negative side I was fucking tired this morning cause I got to bed after midnight.

Ok all, I am off to take my lunch break and to head off to Kaylie’s first baby doctor appointment. I will probably post again later today.


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