8/20/07 – It’s Payday foolios!

The safe word is….banana. B.A.N.A.N.A.S

I am back from my wonderment camping trip of everlasting joy and…rain. Why is it that the drive out there always seems to take for-fucking-ever, but the drive home goes like a snap?

On any account the trip was for the most part pleasant with only one real tufflle that I see no need to go into. Saturday morning we got up at 5:30am to go fishing out on some remote part of Cushman. We didn’t catch shit but it was fun never-the-less. Kodi had a great time. I didn’t do much fishing since I spent the entire time with Kodi helping him cast and try to catch a fish.

Boe mad some delicious food (as always) and we spent some time on the ‘beach’ skipping rocks and seeing how far we could throw them. Needless to say my arm fucking hurts not, but god damnit I threw the furthest rock! I have some wonderful pictures from this adventurous weekend but they will have to wait seeing as I am at work and the pictures are at Kaylie’s mothers house on her camera since neither Kaylie nor I was smart enough to charge our camera before the trip. Oh we brought it, but the battery was deader than LiLo’s ability to be taken seriously.

You know what sucks right now? It’s only 1:20pm and I have to be here at work until 7pm tonight. And I REALLY do not wish to do this. But I need that money dawg.

It appears that no one read my version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. What a pity, I spent a minute or two writing it. Oh well, You will all just have to suffer in the future when I re-write my versions of other classic books. Yes, I am calling the newest Harry Potter book a classic. Deal with it.

Speaking of Harry Potter, I was watching the 40 Year old Virgin last night and Paul Rudd‘s character David brought Steve Carell‘s character Andy a big ‘ol box of porn. In that big ‘ol box of porn they mention a movie called Harry Twater. So what did I do? I attempted to find said porn, but alas to no avail. The only thing I could find was Lindsey Lohan SNL skit. Here is a screen cap.

Lindsey Lohan Harry Potter

Lindsey Lohan Harry Potter

Not to be a complainer, but I don’t remember Harry Potter being female nor Hermione being taller then him and having pillows quite that large. Not to say that Emma Watson isn’t wonderful looking in all her underage glory (and she likes good beer)

At least she drinks Corona!

At least she drinks Corona!

To bad I’m married and not 16, cause then I would find her attractive. As it is she can only be cute at best.


Current Word Count: 16,467

I love how these ‘daily’ updates tend to only happen once a week. As you can see only 400 new words where added to the story since the last update. This isn’t because I am slow at typing or anything, but simply because I have been going through the book and making notes for myself as well as cleaning up some of the previously written material and expanding upon what was already written. If any of you know what “breaking the third wall” means then if you ever read this story be prepared for me to do this several times throughout the story. I tend to ignore that first rule of writing. I don’t ignore it because I think I am an excellent writer, I ignore it because I don’t care about that rule. And I find that when I break the third wall it gives me several options to make some very funny things happen.

I was up until 2am last night going through the chapters and adding stuff. I got through 4 more chapters with making notes and expanding upon what was already there. Honestly, I will probably do this a good 10 or 20 more times before I consider the chapters to be ‘finished’. I have already have re-read and re-worked the first 4 chapters countless times. Hopefully I can get a finished ‘first draft’ of this story soon, something I can really re-work from start to finish. Going back through everything has really been helpful for me to try and figure out where this story is going. I say that because as of right now I really do not know what is going to happen next. I have some ideas, some places I want to take this story. But when it comes to an ending and how this story will come to a climactic ending, I have no fucking idea. Only time will tell. Right now Robert is walking through a ‘Dreamworld‘. And yes, it is exactly referencing Neil Giaman’s Endless. Hopefully I can make it come across as just an homage and not me stealing ideas. Let us also hope that DC Comics doesn’t sue the shit out of me.

I need to draw up some sort of a design that I can post up with these updates, make them ‘prettier’

Let me dig through my /crap folder and post some random old images for you all to gander at

I think thats all I got for now.


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