Grand Coulee Motel get’s me in trouble at work.


When Chuck Norris wants an egg, he cracks open a chicken.

So I got written up today at work. For bullshit reasons. I’m just going to post my responce that I gave my manager, you can get the jist of what it was about and why it was bullshit. Hopefully they don’t fire me.

In reference to the Grand Coulee Motel voice mails, I do not recall any from them nor have I talked with either of the ladies recently. As far as no notes on the account, I am sorry I forgot to note this one. If you check the calls I take and make for notes you will see that I note very well on 99% of them. 

For the not being logged into the phone issue, the only times I ever log out are to use the bathroom and for lunch. I do not take many breaks during the day and if I do it’s to go to the bathroom. I am not sure why I show up as not being logged in. I will only log out for lunch now and make a better effort to be sure I am logged in the queue.

The voice mail issue. I pull and call back all voicemails each morning so I do not understand why you are nor requiring me to flag them so you can verify that I am doing my job. I have no reason to lie to you about calling them back or lie to you for any other reason. I gain nothing from lying about this.

In conclusion, this Grand Coulee Motel issue, you asked me and I told you the truth on the issue. I have no reason to lie about something so stupid. It upsets me that I am being reprimanded for something that did not happen.

In article 1.B. you state “When asked specifically about voice mails from Grand Coulee Motel you responded that there had been no such call(s)” implying that I was lying to you. Again, I have no reason to live about a voice mail, I stand to gain nothing from lying about it and furthermore I do not lie in general.

The only part of the written warning that I agree with in any way is article 1.D. “Failure to remain logged in to phone to receive calls during scheduled work period”. The rest of the statement of problems I find unfounded and you taking the word of an upset customer over an honest employee. There are a lot of ‘reasons’ the voice mail might not have gotten to me, but none of them matter and would sound like excuses, and I feel I have nothing to excuse.

I will abide by your new rule of flagging them and leaving them for you for review, no matter how much of a waste of time I think it is. I would like to end this response with saying that I am an honest employee and would like to be treated like an honest employee.

Was I out of line? I think not.

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