8/16/07 – Voldemort can’t stop the rock

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So I finished Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows last night. I know by now a lot of people have already finished it, but I tend to do things on my own time. It’s like when I finished watching Buffy and Angel, I dragged the last season out for awhile because I knew once it was done there was no more. So I wanted to enjoy it. The same applies to this book. It’s the last in the series and I really didn’t want the series to end.

That being said, I figured out a large part of the ending of this book from about halfway through or so. Not that I was disappointed, because I rather enjoyed the end of the book. But to me it was pretty obvious that Harry would be with Ginny at the end and Ron would be with Hermoine. The only deaths of the book that surprised me where Fred and Tonks. I really didn’t see them killing one of the twins off. If any of the Weasley boys I suspected Charlie or Percy to bit the wand. I really hope that when they make the movie for book 7 they take their time and pay attention to the details of the book. The movie for this book needs to be a little longer I think, possibly up to 3 hours. I fear if they rush anything in this book it will make an anti-climactic ended to the wonderful story that is Harry Potter.
Now I will admit, I was not into Harry Potter when it first came out. I did my fare share of mocking the idea of this book/movie series. That was before I actually took the time to investigate what it was. I have to admit, I really enjoyed this series. I enjoyed it so much that I honestly hope that JK Rowling will write some more book that take place in the Harry Potter Universe. Maybe a James and Lilly book. One on Voldemort while at Hogwarts. She could do one on the children at Hogwarts. In fact, Each of those ideas could be another 7 book series of each of their respected tenures and Hogwarts. Lord knows I would read them! I would love to read about the triangle of Lily, James and Severus. Learn more about what Tom Riddle did at Hogwarts, and to find out what lies in store for the Potter/Weasley kids!
As of right now she says she is done…then again Sara Jessica Parker said there would never be a Sex in the City movie and Mel Gibson said there would never be a Lethal Weapon 4. We all know those where made, and how where they made? In the immortal words of Mel Gibson on why LW4 was made “They dropped off bushel barrels of cash at my door”


Myspace has added this neat feature that tells you how many unread messages you have. I say the word ‘neat’ very sarcastically because they are extremely behind on getting this into place seeing as nearly every other website/message/mail service in the WORLD has this feature when they launch. But hey, kudos to you Tom.

The shitty part about this is that it told me I had NINE unread messages. This caused me to go through over 130 pages of old messages to find the 9 that where missed. None of them where important but I just didn’t like seeing the number (9) next to inbox. It was miss-leading.


Fark me in the goat ass.
I am trying to set up jhorsley3.com to be a portal for my RSS feed for this blog. There are PHP codes out there to do it, but alas I’m an idiot and can not figure it out. I think since my database crashed I am going to need to flush my site completely and start over. FUCK! I miss it when Garrett was just doing all this shit for me! If I had money I would PAY him to fix the site. Maybe I will email him and offer him some cash if he can just get it to work again or something
If you can do some PHP and want to help me, I will GLADLY pay anyone for assistance in getting my site back up and running. I just don’t know enough about PHP yet to do it myself.


So I’ve talked some about needing to get more hours at work. Today my boss came to me and asked if we could re-work my hours so naturally I said yes. Instead of working 9am-1pm I now am working 11am-4:30PM. This will give me an extra hour a day of work plus a half an hour lunch. 5 extra hours a week, 10 extra hours a paycheck or $90 a paycheck before taxes. It’s not much, but right now every little bit helps
While I’m on the subject of jobs, if anyone needs any computer work done or needs any computer supplies, I have my skills to offer for a great price and I have lots of extra computer parts I am willing to part with. I might look into picking up some sort of part time job, possibly something from home I can do online. We just need to make more money cause right now we are going broke off the little I make and with taking care of two kids and a third on the way, money is getting tight. I am not complaining, I LOVE my kids and can’t WAIT to have more. I just need to be a better father and earn more money to give them the things they need and deserve.


If you are one of the people that take interest in the creative things I do and look forward to the updates on the status they are in, well I am sorry I have nothing to update. I havn’t done SHIT on ANYTHING. I will however, be working on stuff pretty regularly this weekend I think. We are going camping and I am bringing my drawing pad and writing stuff to work on in the down time. This is assuming there is any down time! BADUM-CHA!


On a short update, assuming I get my scanner and tablet working on my home PC sometime soon, y2cl will return as an every Friday post. All can rejoice in song and merriment.


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