8/15/08 – Late to work….again. 6

So I was late to work today, by almost a full fucking hour. So that was fun. Luckily I still have a job. My boss even asked me to work extra on Monday, so thats really cool. I need more hours or better pay. Now I’m not saying I need a raise here, cause it would be tacky to demand a raise when i was 45 minutes late. What I’m saying is I need a job where I can make more then $9 an hour to support my ever growing family on.

Here is the conundrum (a puzzle or a riddle designed to test for lateral thinking) , I need to work more hours and make more money to support my growing family, BUT I hate to be away from them for any period of time. What I would like ideally is a job that I can make a shit pile of money at but only for a few hours a day. Even if I have to work real hard for those few hours. I just don’t like to come home when the kids go to bed and shit.
So my friend on livejournal oneonthefencehas had an interesting turn of events at her work recently. I probably shouldn’t go into her personal business, but I just wanted to use her as a small example of a thought that I have on the world. If she gets mad at me, I’ll deal with that when it happens.
The long and skinny of her story is that her Grandma is sick and possibly dieing very soon and her boss at work is being a cunt about giving her time off. Naturally she has quite her job, which I would have done the same. I also would have told her boss that I wished she would fall on sharp things while doing the splits with no pants on. Cause family is WAAAAAY more important a job. Jobs come and go, you only get family members once. Remember this, it’s an important fact.
Check out these youtube videos

Jonathan Ross making out with Neil Gaiman
Jonathan Ross’ Ode to Masterbation
Daniel Radcliffe Talking with Jonathan Ross Part 1
Daniel Radcliffe with Jonathan Ross Part 2

I am not sure what Widget Nest is, but Will Wheaton talks about it a lot over in his blog. I think I am going to look into it. Apparently he is also doing something for Netscape, which I have yet to find out what it is. I only skim his blog most of the time and read the ones the look interesting. He’s a very good writer and I plan to pick up his books Just a Geek and Dancing Barefoot. I found him while reading Neil Gaiman‘s blog a few years back. I’ve been meaning to pick up his Just a Geekfor awhile now, anyone else read it? Thoughts? Comments?

random images I found

I have really been itching to work on my Memoirs Project, but alas have been help up with this other thing known as ‘life’. I’m so flippin’ happy I finaly have some creativity running through my veins again. Here are the list of projects I currently have running through my head that I am frantically trying to get to paper and get out there:

  1. The Memoirs Project
  2. Y2cl 2pointOH!
  3. Bob The Text Story
  4. Re-vamping of jhorsley3.com – (it crashed and i have no idea why it is not working)

I am hoping I can stick with these and complete these. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get jhorsley3.com working again? I don’t know enough about PHP to get it to work right now.
Well, it is almost time for me to leave work, so I suppose I should post this and finish up my work for the day. I swear, you all are going to think that all I do is just write blogs at work. Not a bad gig, the pay sucks though.


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