8/14/07 – Lies, Balloons and random images.

The Secret word today is ‘balloon’
So does anyone know how to stay awake and alert 24 hours a day WITHOUT the use of meth? Cause if could just always be awake I could get SO much more done! I might have laundry done and clean socks to wear!! Shower without the use of a dirty towel! I should stop here before i gross anyone out to bad…(This is all lies and untrue, i SWEAR!)

Rubix Colbert?
(if you couldn’t guess I totally stole this from Ninjaguydan. You all are going to think I’m in love with him!)
Even if you do not like Stephen Colbert, you should check this out. This is what happens when nerds have WAY to much fucking time on their hands.

Icons are fun


and thats all for me.


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