8/13/07 – Way to tired for this bullshit. 2

So last night I couldn’t sleep.

I wanted to go to sleep around 8pm but my wonderful son, who went to bed every so greatly at 7:25. But when daddy wanted to sleep he decided it was time to party and get up. My wife and I both where not feeling well last night and wanted nothing more then to curl up in bed together and pass out while watching Mean Girls (and subsequently mock Lindsey Lohan for being a coke head). This plan was thwarted by the dastardly deeds of “Monsieur Jakob de le Pantalon Excentrique!”
He was in his normal state of tired-run-like-the-wind-if-I-stop-I-will-passout mode, which meant a lot of laughing at nothing and flopping his body around like a fish out of water.

Once he finally DID fall asleep, I was awake more then I am right now. So I stayed up with the wife and cuddled, complained, and cuddled some more.

She finally fell asleep and I was trying to, but then I made the fatal error in getting up to use the potty. This some how energized me to stay up until 3 am.

The down side of this is that I am very tired this morning at work and my normal ‘wake up juice’ that I make is not doing a good job.

The upside of this is that I got a shit pile of work done on the Memoirs Project. See the daily update below.


Current Word Count: 16,042

So last nights insomnia ended up being good for the project. I got a lot of notes done on the current chapters. I am still re-reading what I have already written to make some notes so the continued writing of this piece of fiction will be easier. I will finally be able to look back at a quick reference sheet and see what happened in each chapter. I am also making a character list and a list of things I want to add. I came up with some really good ideas last night on my re-read through. If you have been one of the few I have let read this work in progress, I have changed/added ALOT of what was in the already written chapters, tried to make things seemingly make more sense and enhanced the dialog to be less stale.

I wonder at what point should I attempt to shop this story to a publisher? Anyone have any advise on th at? I think it is a good read and so far all that have read it seem to like it and state that it would be a great book. All these people have been friends of mine, and I do know friends can be over nice at times. Not that I do not trust their opinions, I just am unsure that if the story was complete shite if they would tell me. The only random person who has read part of the story is this girl from a few years ago and she said (and I’m quoting here) “This is the best thing I have read!”, but she just wanted to get in my pants so that was probably a lie.

For your reading pleasure, here is a conversation my supervisor and I had in out company chatroom:

<Steve>: Be sure to help calling back the members.
<J>: I am, I called back the first one then nature called
<Steve>: I hate when that happens….. 😛
<j>: me too
<j>:even worse when you have to wait for the stall
<Steve>:a warm seat is NEVER good

So here for your reading pleasure is a Blog posted by my wife’s ex. I will just link to the blog.
read the whole thing here. My favorite part?
“so life has been rough and my ex is knocked up again oh well … 3 diferent kids all with different last names in less than 3 years how trashy”
So not only is he a drunk, an addict and an asshole, he happens to be the dimmest person on the planet. You ask did I comment? oh yes I did!
“don’t call my wife trashy you fucker.
she has NOT had three kids with three different dads.
if you are going to talk trash, make it true, don’t make shit up.
You are the trashy one and the one that needs help.
And for the last fucking time, STOP calling her cell phone.”
(notice how I didn’t spell anything wrong)

I’ve decided that I need start sketching at night again. Tonight be the night that I start. I will start posting what I sketch at the beginning of first post for each day.
Hmm, come to think of it this means I have to re-install my scanner.
I’ll get back to you….(this means that I may or may not do this tonight depending on what’s going on in my crazy life)

I feel bad that I have this long post written up with no pictures to tease your visual palette. I will find something for just that occasion now:


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2 thoughts on “8/13/07 – Way to tired for this bullshit.

  • krystalfaye

    damn you! that blog was so funny that I had to read all of his blogs! and they only get worse! Terrible grammar , worse spelling! random ramblings! oooh the horror… my favorite parts were where he would write something and then reply to himself… apparently you have a small cack… whatever the hell that is, but he should know it's not the size that counts, it's not finger-banging some chick in your front yard that makes the difference hahahahahh
    Oh yah, I saw a picture of your Wife's new haircut, it is very very cute =)

    • The Revenge Post author

      yeah, and i have to deal with him. he knows i do not like him, but i do have to tolerate him to a certain degree, due to the fact is the sperm donor to my step-son. And if you think his blogs are irritating to read, try talking to him. he doenst know how to shut the fuck up. i swear its like talking to a 13 year old girl.