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The original title for Star Wars was “Skywalker: Texas Ranger“. Starring Chuck Norris.

Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow we find out what the baby is!!!! Tomorrow I get to tell you all that we are having a baby girl!! (I’m pretty confident, huh?) I have no doubts. If it is a boy, it won’t change anything (besides the fact that it isn’t a girl) I just like to be totally one sided and not even admit there is a possability of it being a boy. Go me.

So my mom and dad told us last night that for Christmas they are going to buy us a laptop. That’s pretty awesome. I picked it out and we shoul dhave it in a week or so. I can’t want to take Vista off and put Linux on it. Although I do think I will have to put XP on it on a dual boot for my wife, be cause I am pretty sure that she will be anti Linux. Oh well, Dual boot will be fine with me. Yay! new laptop to play with!
Keep in mind if you have an older one you no longer want, I am still looking to pick up some old crappy ones.

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