7/15/07 – Hopitty – Hospital 2

So today’s adventure at Mary Bridge was much better in a lot of ways, and harder to deal with in others. Jakob wasn’t allowed to eat all day today, well to be exact since 9pm last night. The only thing we has allowed to have was a 2 oz bottle of water, at that was at around 6pm. Luckily because of the lack of nourishment he is extremely tired and has slept almost all day.
One thing I can attest for is that I have been getting a good work out, doing thus by pulling my wife and Jakob around the floor in the hospital.
Jakob is doing good. They are doing a blood sugar 24-36 hour test on him to see if his blood sugar will drop below 50. So far the lowest it has been is 79. They say if it was going to drop it would have dropped by now. It was probably just a fluke, but after three nights in the hospital I STILL think it is better safe than sorry.

On a completely different note the wireless network they have set up here wont let me cruise over to uselessjunk.com. Fucking Commies

Uh, Jakob just woke up. I am going to take a break from writing this to help my wonderful wife with our son.

So yeah, I never made it back to writing in this stupid thing, I ended up falling asleep. Only for about 3 1/2 hours though.

They came in and took his blood sugar at 2 am and it was 51. A normal blood sugar is 120 or so, but he had been fasting so 51 was a little low, but not to bad (normally would have been 60 after fasting). At 5am they came into check his blood sugar and can you guess what it was at? Go on, guess. It was down to an all time Jakob record of 12. TWELVE. So they took blood right away and let him FINALY eat something after 32 hours of fasting. That’s long enough to piss me off, so you can imagine how he was. Actually, he wasn’t that bad. We couldn’t have asked for a better baby to have these problems. He is so well mannered when it comes to dealing with people poking on him to take blood. When they take his blood sugar they have to make him bleed and most of the time he gives them his finger to poke and laughs at it. The only time he cried was when they did it on his foot, he did NOT like that very much.
Now we are just waiting for after lunch time to be discharged so we can go home. We are extremely tired and cranky, so don’t fuck with us.


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