6nov7 – Kill the CoPilot makes its First appearance


Chuck Norris does not follow fashion trends, they follow him. But then he turns around and kicks their ass. Nobody follows Chuck Norris


It makes me sad that I missed Guy Fawkes day

HereI sit eating a Wendy’s Baconater cheesburger (which I probably shouldn’t because it will kill my stomach) and drinking a Dr.Pepper (which I shouldn’t be drinking) and I am very happy at thie moment.
Last night the wife and I took the boys over to Calvin and Carly‘s house for dinner and Scene it! They don’t know it yet but they have become out new Scene it! buddies since Keith and Anna up and moved to Hawaii. I would like to proclaim for you all that Calvin and I kicked the SHIT out of our wives in the game last night. They did not even make it half way across the board. This is credited to my extreme half-mo-ness, but still. We Won.

Calvin and I also talked about music alot (it’s what made us lovers). We are getting back together to form a band with Ricardo (he was the bass player in Damn The Cow) to form “Kill The CoPilot”. We will all meet up soon and figure out what we want to do and I will of course update you on it!

Daily Memoirs Update

32536 / 75000 words. 43% done!

So I’m up to chapter 14 on my ‘lets add some detail and backstory to make this stupid thing flow a little better’ quest. As you see I have upped the word count to 32,536 and 43% of my target word goal met! w00t!! I am still waiting to see what people think of the Sex scene. It was sent to krystalfaye so far and thats it. If anyone else wants to read it and let me know what they think, let me know.

So I’ve been on the Search for Sarah recently, but she has aluded me like a ninja. I’ve tried calling her, sending her messages on myspace, livejournal AND email. Sending her txt messages. And nothing. I saw her drive by my house last week, so I know she is alive! Oh Sarah, where are you?

Ok so this ‘search’ is like a passive effort and means that I sent her a myspace message a few months ago, an lj message maybe 6 months ago, I called her once last montha nd sent her a text several months back. I know, not an in depth search, but still. I just want to say HELLO and she doens’t answer. I guess I will have to stop by her porn store and see if she still works there. Knowing her she doesn’t. She likes to change jobs every few months.


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