hurt knee, bowling and not bowling 5

so tonight at bowling i was feeling good.
felt like i was going to shoot big.

then in the midle of the second game disaster struck.

my left need popped.
and it sounded like a board breaking.
and from then on it was all i could do to stand up.
i could no longer put presure on my left leg.
i was in so much fucking pain i was almost in tears.

i didnt bowl the last game which upsets me alot cause i hate to leave like that.
but i just couldnt take the pain.
so i went to my sisters house and she wrapped my knee up and gave me 800mg of ibprofin.
i passed out for awhile and now im up and iching to play COH.
will i reactivate my acount tonight? deponds on how long i sit here staring at it!

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