Work, ass and the underage mass 2

so tonight was North Masons, Olympics and Bremertons Homecoming dance.

needless to say there was a plethera of underage ass at the bowling alley tonight.

so much so that i CURSED beign 23 SEVERAL times.

i aslo CURSED myself for being such a pervert.

of course, they where ALL flirting with me, which didnt help.

oh also, the liquer control people where comming in, WITH ALL THESE MINORS there, and people drinkign around them. so we had to make extra sure non of them where drinking.

but i did make $18 in tips, which pwns.

and let me tell you, getting off work at 1am, and having to be back at 10am is soooo fucking rad its unreal.
tomorrow i will live on coffee

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