6/19/07-You stuck it where? 1

So as you may know I work for GottaPlay.com answering customer emails and phone calls. One thing that I find absolutely hilarious is when customers complain about some bullshit and then threaten to inform the Better Business Bureau. They seem to think that I give a shit about them reporting this company. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job to an extent, I get to play online all day. But I really could care less if they reported the company, we don’t do anything wrong, it’s usually idiot’s who do not read the terms of service and end up fucking themselves in the ass with a plunger.

I always thought I would loath this type of a job, where I have to answer idiots questions all day. Surprisingly I am enjoying it because it gives me a lot of time to dink around with our eBay business and stuff. I’ve gotten so much coding, layouts, and notes written up here its pretty mind boggling.

Yesterday after work was a fun filled time. I spent a grand total of THREE HOURS driving back and forth from grandma’s house and the NEX on Bangor to purchase new TV for her. Now I do say Grandma is mighty funny. She wanted a flat panel TV to put above her fire place. The spot that is there is roughly 15” deep, 72” wide and 35” tall. Seems plenty large enough to fit any good sized TV right? Well out of all the TV’s Grandma bought the 52” Sharp Aquos HD LCD TV that is about half a centimeter to tall to fit the spot. So now I have to go back and do some custom work to make it fit, but gee golly is the picture splendid. What’s even greater about this is Kaylie the kids and I are moving back into the bottom floor of Grandma’s house so we get to partake in the worderness of this TV. I’ve already hooked the Wii up to it.

So I’m sitting here at work and I just got a phone call from my wife. I answered the phone “GOOD MORNING!” all cheering and she just says ‘thanks for waking me up this morning.’ I forgot she had to work today, so I didn’t try to hard to wake her up this morning. I mean I did wake her up to tell her I was taking a shower, but only a little, just enough to give her a kiss. And then I woke her up when I left to give her another kiss. I guess she told me she had to work today, but I just forgot and figured I would let her sleep. It sucks when you try to be nice and it backfires! Oh well, I said sorry and will make it up to her. I can’t say how because she will read this at work today! I LOVE YOU BABY!!

On a totally off note, I’m currently answering an email from a customer named ‘Shay McDougal,’ that’s a funny name. Just read that with a thick Scottish accent! And say Laddie after it a lot.

Yay!! I called my wife back and she still loves me! Just thought I would say that.
I can’t wait for 10 years from now when I read this I laugh at myself for being an idiot.

(edit (4/15/2011): 10 years? 4 years later and I think I’m an idiot for that comment)

I know I have some computer savvy friends out there, so let me pose this question to you:
Do you know how to network Vista with XP?

This seems to be harder to do then chisel David (I know, that’s a mighty obscure reference, but I like it).

Let me give you a little run down of our current network set up and see if any of you can help.
We have a 2wire wireless DSL router, that connects to a 24 port HP hub.
From the hub we have 6 computers currently connected to the HUB and 2 wireless, and all getting internet just fine, but not all wanting to talk to each other.
The operating systems we are running are 1 Vista, 4 XP Pro, 3 XP Home, and 1 Ubunto (a Linux based OS).
The Vista computer sees nothing but it self (it’s selfish), the XP computers can see each other, and the Ubunto computer see it all.
any ideas?

So one of the employees here just got let go. I am not sure why, but all I know is she went for a talk with the boss and never came back. I think he sacrificed her to some gods.

Ok, I think that’s a;; for now.


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