5nov7 – My ear Hurts…


Chuck Norris once ate four 30lb bowling balls without chewing

So in technical news I finally got the JKLM email server set up as an imap and got all the filters in place. Let me tell you, this is AMAZINGLY great. Now I can check emails from anywhere with my thumbdrive and if I put an email in a folder while at work, it will show up in that folder at home! Also the filters are set up and work to where if if a payment comes in through paypal it will automatically put it in the payment folder. This is neat and saves TONS of times.

I also have set up my personal emails to do the same thing. This rules let me tell you. You should do it. the easiest way for you to do it? use gmail. Need an invite? let me know, I’ll send you one.

Daily Memoirs Update

31658 / 75000 words. 42% done!

This update is really just to show off the little % done graph above. It’s neat. As you see I have lowered my original word goal that was 90,000 words down to 75,000 words. I did this because I realized this story will be told in 75k and there is no need to pad it out to 90k.
So as far as the actual story goes, you all know I wrote a sex scene, which I sent off to Krystal Faye to give a read and let me know if it works or not. If anyone else wants to read it over, let me know. I had a few options of how to go about this perticular scene and I hope the route i picked was a good one. Originally I thought about the girl being a tranny but decided not to do that.

Currently I am re working Roberts first time in “Heaven” and it is proving to be very diffucult to get it flushed out how I want it. I’ve done a shit pile of research for this chapter and yet it only sits at 1,721 words. With the level or research I have done for this to check facts it should be at around 3k or 4k in word count but noooo it has to be a bastard chapter. Oh well, I leave you to work on it.


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