Is America Ignorant? 9

why do people from other countries think america sucks? that america is bad? are people really that ignorant? or is it apathy? thoughts? comments?

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9 thoughts on “Is America Ignorant?

  • effex0r

    I live in america currently…
    Alot of canadians, and people of other countries like americans… but hate the way their government tries to interfere with the balance of things. They may as well send in the troups… its the same as telling us what we can and cant d6.

    • The Revenge Post author

      yeah, but if you look at history, every government has done this, or would love to do this if they had the power. not saying its right, but its not limited to just america. hell, the british did this alot with there 'colonies', at least america doesnt colonize, at least not on the scale the british did.
      but i do agree with you, the american government gets itself into places it shouldnt be, but what can ya do eh?
      ps i just added you do my friends list, you should feel loved

  • effex0r

    THank ya!
    I will add you back.
    But even if everyone else has always done it, the other people didnt do it then say they didnt, understand?
    That and, I am not to fond on contries demanding other countries politics and controlling drug laws. I feel very strongly on the american government tring to stop the decriminalization of marajuana as i just had my dad die of cancer last summer, if you could only imaging the type of pain a person goes though, and the vommiting every 10=20 minutes. Marajunana helps with that better than any perscription.